Hello Hero: Epic Battle is a mobile fantasy RPG where you must recruit a team of heroes and fight to save the world from evil! Six years after the Battle for Armon depicted in the original Hello Hero, a a new group of Heroes must join forces with the Heroes of old and battle the dark forces of the Keronic! Collect a team of heroes from a roster of more than 100. Battle across a wide variety of game modes, including a PvP arena. Grow in strength and power as you explore and battle, unlocking your heroes' potential and saving the world! If you like team-collecting and building mobile games, Hello Hero: Epic Battle might be a game for you.

Hello Hero: Epic Battle Key Features

More Than 100 Heroes - Build your dream team of warriors and heroes from a roster featuring more than 100 different characters. Each hero has unique strengths and skills, and brings something new to your team.

Diverse Game Modes - From single player stories to Expedition, Conquest, World Boss, Battlefield, and many others, Hello Hero: Epic Battle offers loads of types of gameplay. No matter what you like to do, you can do it here.

Experience And Grow - As you adventure across different realms and complete different challenges, your team will get more powerful. Unlock your heroes' ultimate powers, and help them realize their full potential!