Hero Commander is a cute fantasy strategy game by GTArcade set for a 2014 release, perfectly combining tactical and MMORPG elements into a heroic adventure of epic proportions. Players can play as the lord of the Grand City as well as take command of the army’s leader when going out to battle. As the city’s lord, there are many obligations besides warfare waiting to be dealt with. Players must listen to the voices of their people and help with their problems. The decisions will greatly influence what their people think of them.

Whether the best way to prosper is trading with other cities or strengthening military power, the choice is entirely up to the lord of the land. Gear up for a real fight and head out to battle! Players will be met not only by their enemies, but also greeted by their allies. They will never fight alone! Don’t worry if you lose a fight, because a single event can never determine the entire battle. Nonetheless, what one person does surely affects the final outcome. Make sure that your moves count!

Hero Commander Key Features

Epic Strategy - Players can create different combinations of unique heroes. It helps you to make your team more strength and choose the characters according your preferences.

PVP Battle - Participate in any battles whenever you want. Attack your enemies when they do not expect it!

Powerful Army - Command an army of Knights, Archers, Soldiers, and even Dragons! Feel how to play with different armies and which character is the closest to you!

Build An Empire - Build your own empire, where you can recruit heroes. Then to enter the Legion Dungeon and face mighty foes!