Hero Online is a free to play browser based fantasy / martial arts MMORPG. Hero Online was developed by Net game and published by M game USA Inc. Hero Online was released in 2006 as a free to play (F2P) MMO that revolves heavily around martial arts and an intricate story line. Enter a land torn by war and disaster and prove your strength. Choose your path from five unique character classes, and begin your adventure. Only through mastery of yourself can you hope to best your enemies. Through besting your enemies, you can gain power over the world!

Hero Online Key Features

Five Unique Classes - Will you be master of the field of battle as the Ruthless Blade? Or will you use a combination of stealth and precision, and become The Piercing Eyes? Or perhaps you will follow a more mystical road, and become the Majestic Muse?

Improve Your Skills - The more you do, the better you get. The better you get, the more you can do! To improve your skills, you need to level up and spend skill points.

Pets and Mounts - A diverse array of animal companions ensure you need never travel alone! Pets fight by your side, and mounts carry you into the heat of battle, and across the land quickly.