Hero Wars is a free-to-play multiplayer fantasy RPG with in-game transactions. The popular title offers multiple game modes, from questing to PvP arenas, and affords fantasy fans the chance to team up with friends for that sweet loot.

The progression system unlocks more and more game modes as characters grow, including PvP and Tower modes. Teaming up with guilds against other players or AI hordes yield ample rewards, including in-game currency. Play to the strengths of each character in a given team to climb the rankings and keep farming rewards in the myriad daily and weekly events.

The world of Dominion plays host to a slew of unique heroes with which to fight and grow. Collect these heroes and develop their skills to face off against the big-bad, Archdemon, and his devilish denizens.

Hero Wars Key Features

Unlockable Game Modes - Complete the campaign from day one to begin levelling up and earning better gear. From level 10, players can take part in a PvP Arena. Level 15 opens up the Tower, which tasks teams with a daily gauntlet, with increasing rewards. Level 20 opens up the Airship and Expeditions, whilst lucrative boss battles await at level 25.

Join Guilds - Level 30 will open up Guilds. From the Celestial City, players can join a Guild, take part in Guild Wars (not that kind) and begin summoning Titans. Being a part of a Guild will open up Adventures at level 40, which requires guildmates to team up and take on maps filled with corrupted enemies. And one big raid boss.

Pets and Titans - Both cute and fearsome pets are yours at level 40, which will enhance heroes and help them in battle. Whilst the final level of 60 will unlock the Titan Valley, a realm in which the fearsome titans that work at your behest can grow in strength, with a chance to earn an elemental spirit totem to further bolster your titanic team.