Hero Zero is a free to play action-packed game for PC browser, iOS and Android that lets you do that thing we have all daydreamed about; you get to become a superhero! Train yourself, fulfill missions, earn money and upgrade your equipment. Play through six witty worlds and turn yourself into a true super Hero Zero through persistence! You step into the shoes of a costumed crime-fighter, choose your costume, and then you're off to battle thugs, complete tasks, and learn the super tricks of the trade. Each time you complete these you will earn XP to level up and coins to purchase new equipment. Do you have what it takes to clean up the streets? Why not go find out?

Hero Zero Key Features

Customize Your Hero - Players create their characters' costumes and appearances, and set off for crimefighting adventures! As you earn XP, you can level up and become better at fighting thugs and stopping crimes!

Laid Back Play - Many of the events in-game happen automatically, or with a minimum of input required. This frees the player to do other things; Hero Zero is a great game to have open in the background while you do other things!

Fun And Simplicity - From it's simple, colorful interface, to its bright, cartoony graphics, Hero Zero offers a game that anyone can play immediately! Simply create a character and go; it's simple!