Heroes and Villains is a comic-book themed MMORPG of superpowered heroes and villains set in the sprawling metropolis of Titan City. The design philosophy behind Heroes and Villains is to create a casual, community-focused game that will allow players with even limited amounts of time to still be able to log in and achieve something, or just hang out with their friends. Developed by a Plan Z, an online "virtual studio" made up of volunteers from around the world, Heroes and Villians is dedicated to providing an immersive game experience for anyone with a passion for comics and gaming.

Heroes And Villains Key Features

Create Your Hero - Choose your character and get ready to explore. Choose your archetype, pick your powers, design your costume and other customizations, and set out to fight crime - or spread it. What will your superhero name be? What sort of character will you play?

Explore Titan City - Titan City is one single massive zone operating on a single mega server. Adventure across diverse styles of terrain, ranging from skyscrapers through suburbs and slums to open countryside on the outskirts of the city.

Gameplay For All - Enjoy gameplay from team-based tasks to a rewarding solo experience. Explore leveling paths with story content tailored to suit a variety of comic book themes, such as the "Street Hero", the "Mercenary" or the villainous "Mastermind"!