Heroes At War is a free to play turn-based kingdom building strategy game for both browser and mobile devices. You must restore your family’s ruined castle into a proper stronghold to rule from, and then expand your sphere of influence into new lands. Harvest and manage resources and use them to manage your city and improve it. Research new technologies and make the best use of your resources, giving your kingdom an edge. Build a powerful army from a wide array of units, and find brave heroes to lead them. Be prepared, however; every mighty kingdom has enemies, and sooner or later, you may have to fight for what is yours.

Heroes At War Key Features

Build Your City - You begin with only your family's ruined castle, but from these humble beginnings, an empire might be born. Manage your resources and build structures to perform a wide array of city functions.

Assemble The Armies - Build a powerful army from a wide variety of units, from mundane town guards and foot soldiers to powerful heroes and wizards. Lead them into battle and crush all who oppose you.

Forge An Empire - Expand your kingdom and your power by claiming new land - or simply by taking it. Of course, diplomacy is as powerful a tool as bloodshed, and no less capable of filling your treasury with gold!