Heroes Crash is a free to play card game for mobile devices that merges features from RPG, TCG, and RTS games for a unique combat-centered game experience. Heroes Crash allows players to train and command a team of heroes in fast-paced battles while influencing the flow of the battle by casting different spells with Magic Cards. Build the ultimate deck by choosing from the great variety of Heroes and Magic Cards to play real-time 1v1 Duels. Once a duel starts, your deck, the positioning of your heroes, and the timing and tactics you use in playing your cards will be the key to win the battle. Build the best deck, assemble the toughest heroes, and lead them into the fight!

Heroes Crash Key Features

Defeat All Challengers - Establish your team formation using different heroes and their unique skills. Collect as many Magic Cards as possible and take control of the battlefield!

Lead The Way - Create your own deck with Heroes and Magic Cards. Upgrade each unique hero for better battle performance.

Spells And Effects - Cast spells by simply sliding the cards on the screen. A well-timed spell can change the outcome of a battle.

A Game For All - Players can face duelists from all over the world in battles ranked according to player skill, so there is fun to be had for everyone!

Fun Solo Campaign - Complete the campaign quests for awesome rewards. Face multiple bosses hiding in unknown dungeons for extra loot.