Heroes of Dire is a massively-multiplayer tactical role-playing game by Spellbook which puts players in command of squads of fighters. You must lead your team of warriors through quick turn-based battles, where each decision has a direct and immediate impact on who wins or loses. If you succeed, you will win win treasure, honor, and glory for your guild, but succeeding on the battlefield is no simple task. You must have quick wits, a bold heart, and a stout grasp of tactics if you hope to achieve victory. Join with friends to defeat challenging boss raids, take up quests for epic treasure, invade enemy guild strongholds, or make wagers on brutal gladiator arenas as crowd favorites live and die for your amusement!

Heroes of Dire Key Features

Cross-Platform Play - Heroes of Dire is crossplatform for PC, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. No matter what device you prefer, or where you go, you have time for a fight!

Assemble And Equip Your Squad - Assemble your team and equip them with more than 50 different types of weapons. Fighters are generated randomly, ensuring lots of variety and unpredictability; no 2 are the same!

Epic Adventure - Take part in live in-game Dungeon Master events and bracketed PvP tournaments! Heroes of Dire is committed to providing fun, balanced play, with a commitment to avoiding "Pay to Win" gimmicks!