Heroes of Gaia is a free-to-play browser fantasy strategy MMORPG where you can play with tens of thousands of other players online in this medieval fantasy world. You begin as a young Noble of a modest Castle without an army, and it is up to you to fortify your Castle, forge alliances, expand your empire and lead your Heroes into epic quests to slay monsters and beasts that roam the land. When you log off from the game, your Castles continue to build up resources while your units still carry out your orders, waiting for your return! Using strategy, teamwork and persistence, you may be great enough to unite all of Gaia. Anyone can play Heroes of Gaia! All you need is Flash Player installed and an internet connection. Play it anytime, anywhere; from home, school or at work.

Heroes Of Gaia Key Features

Choose Your Faction - Select from Humans, Orcs, Elves, and Undead, and start on your road to greatness! You begin with your main Castle which only has your Townhall and no army.

Expand Your Castle - You will have to develop your Castle into a stronghold with important buildings and a formidable army, or else face the possibility of being crushed by other players! Although your main Castle can never be conquered, it is the center of your empire and should be kept strong.

Manage And Produce Resources - There are five resources in your Castle: Lumber, Ore, Sulfur, Crystal and Gold. You will need these resources to construct buildings, train armies and research skills/spells.

Recruit Powerful Heroes - You may recruit multiple Heroes depending on your Fame value and you can send these Heroes out of your Castle to attack monsters, explore buildings, capture new Castles or attack other players. Heroes can also be used as Castellans to protect your Castle!

Engage In Fierce Battles - When you engage in battles, it begins with a 10 second battle preparation which you can use to switch on skills, cast spells or plan basic strategy. Remember that before battles you can assess an opponent’s forces and judge whether you want to engage in battle.