Heroes of Imperia is a free-to-play medieval browser MMORPG. Allows an amazing interaction with other players via their chat, map and party system. Heroes of Imperia is based on a medieval epic world, in which you can completely customize your hero with lots of different skills, attributes, and equipment. Discover all the zones - some secret, defeat your enemies, get thousands of different items. You will find wonderful experiences and adventures in both group and solo play. Declare wars or forge alliances with other guilds, challenge players in the arena or team up to complete dungeons. Be the hero that the great city of Imperia needs!

Heroes of Imperia Key Features

Character Customization - You can completely choose your skills, attributes and equipment. More than 100 combinations, from pure warrior or mage to mixed disciplines such paladin, dark knight, elementalist, shadow priest, etc…

Variety of Equipment - More than 100.000 items let you choose between clothes, leather armor, medium armor, heavy armor, one hand weapons, two-handed weapons, weapon + shield, dual wield…

Skills and Attributes - Skill based system with no levels. Choose over 30 skills and attributes like anatomy, swordsmanship, fire dominance, dodge, parrying, etc… to fully customize your character!

Great History - Discover the history of Heroes of Imperia through all the characters, monsters and buildings in the game!

Special Attacks - Train your special attack and customize your combos to defeat your enemies in tournaments and to complete your adventures.