Heroes of Incredible Tales is a brilliant free to play hack and slash fantasy action MMORPG from Nexon that is redefining the mobile MMO. With dynamic gameplay, diverse and fascinating characters, cutting edge graphics, customizable skill trees, PvP, 5 person raids, and more, Heroes of Incredible Tales is a true mobile MMORPG. Quest, explore, advance, fight, and do it all from the convenience of your favorite mobile device!

Heroes of Incredible Tales Key Features

Legendary Heroes - Choose one of four epic heroes, and set off to tell your own incredible tale! From Lucas' dual swords to Anika's deadly scythe, there is a character to suit every taste.

Simple Controls, Amazing Combos - Chain easy to execute attacks together for extra effect, all with a tap of the screen! Use powerful airborne combos overwhelm your enemies and cement your legacy.

Cutting Edge Graphics - Making use of the powerful Unreal 4 Engine, the graphics are brilliant, dynamic, and immersive, and pushes the limits of modern mobile devices.

Loads Of Adventure - From single player quests that shape your tale to 5 person raids, there is no end to the PvE challenges!

PvP Awaits - Compete in PvP modes ranging from 1v1 duels to 6 player team based brawls in the arena! Can you face off against challengers from all around the world?