Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights is a mobile strategy game with amazing 3D graphics which lets you take supreme command of a force of fantastic Knights or fearsome Orcs. Create your village, grow your army and defense, refine your strategies, and attack other players’ bases online. Join a guild and dominate the world in this asynchronous PvP strategy game. Advanced players can collect dozens of Heroes with special abilities and execute advanced tactics through mid-battle commands. Player's can join powerful guilds to aid in their quest for world domination. Which side will you command, and how far will you be able to take them?

Heroes Of War: Orcs Vs Knights

Build And Fight - Build your base in an immersive environment and prepare for war. Amass an army and lead them into battle against other players from around the world!

Quest And Grow - A rewarding quest system ensures you always have things to do. As you play, you'll collect new heroes who will aid you during the heat of battle.

Strategy And Tactics - Build your armies and your bases to enhance certain strategies. Then, in the heat of battle, command your troops' movements and execute hero commands. Timing is everything.

Socialize - Fight against, and alongside, other players worldwide. You can communicate in game, with support for any language. You can even join with other players to create a guild.