Heroes Origin is a fantasy turn-based strategy game designed for your browser. It has daily events, an arena for you to battle your friends in and so much more. Construct the perfect team of mercenaries and heroes to take on any challenge you come across. This game features a number of different daily challenges for every type of gameplay.

Heroes Origin Key Features

Arena - Challenge fellow players to fight in the arena with your mercenaries up to 10 times a day.

Mercenaries - Deploy up to 5 mercs with a variety of talents for a well-balanced team in every fight. Level up your mercs with gear in one of six gear slots.

Guilds - Once you reach Level 18 you and your friends can form guilds which regularly rewards you no matter which of the two factions you're in.

Heroes - Every hero can be equipped with magic and an artifact that boosts their stats. Each hero has his own talents so you'll have to pick the one that best fits the situation and your playstyle.