Hero's Song is buy to play open world Rogue-like fantasy game done in a beautiful 2D pixel art style, with a focus on hardcore action. Hero's Song features click to move and attack controls, made famous in games like Diablo, with combat moving at a more measured pace so that players have time to react. Hero's Song is a true hardcore game, and combat has many risks - including permanent death! Hero's Song not only lets you explore this fantastic world, however; you can create your own worlds, deciding which of the ancient gods have the most influence, the frequency of mountains and oceans, and much more. Explore, adapt, overcome!

Hero's Song Key Features

No Microtransactions - Hero's Song was designed to be different; you purchase the game, and you play it. No cash shop, no microtransactions, no hidden Pay To Win mechanics.

Adventure Alone Or Online - Players in Hero's Song can quest alone, or on servers with thousands of other players; it's all up to you! Join a community of heroes online, or strike out on your own. Loot, explore, fight, craft - what you do is totally up to you!

Create Your Own World - Create your own epic fantasy worlds where the Gods still walk and shape the land. Invite other players to experience your realm! You can even choose what races, professions, and types of magic exist in your world.

Many Races And Classes - A wide range of races, from secretive Wood Elves to industrious Deep Dwarves to the noble Avar, exist in Hero's Song. Choose a race and then a class, from one of over a dozen classic fantasy classes; will you be a Paladin, a Rogue, an Elementalist, or something else?

Adventure! - Seek out challenges and dungeons, fight and claim loot, and rise through the ranks, but remember; danger is around every corner, and permadeath is a very real threat! Tens of thousands of items await your discovery!