HeroWarz is a free to play 2.5D fantasy MMO where the player must find and train a team of unique heroes, forming them into a potent assault force. The world's seas have risen and drowned virtually the whole planet, and the only survivors are the fortunate few who managed to make it onto an ark. Those few survivors finally found some land, which they named Ararat, and on which they began the slow and arduous process of rebuilding civilization. Eventually, this new civilization begins to fragment, and it eventually splits into three different nations. It is in this world, more than 500 years after these events happened, that the action takes place. Explore this mysterious land, find and train your heroes, and lead the world into a brighter future!

HeroWarz Key Features

Train Your Heroes - Collect and train up an epic team of heroes, each with powerful abilities and skills. What sort of team will you build, and what will your strategy be?

Vast And Vibrant World - Explore the world of HeroWarz and uncover its secrets; the farther you roam, the more chance you have to find new team members!

Brilliant Graphics - Brightly colored, anime themed characters set the mood for the game; fun, fast, and fantastic!