Hex: Shards of Fate is a free to play hybrid TCG / MMO with dynamic gameplay that combines the best of both types of games for your PC & MAC. HEX combines the amazing community and role-playing aspects of a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMO) with the compelling collectible and strategic gameplay of a Trading Card Game (TCG) to create an entirely new category of a game, the MMO/TCG. Now it’s your turn!

Hex: Shards of Fate Key Features

Individualise your Cards – A few cards possess “sockets”. Players are able to boost these cards by using Gems.

Champions & Mercenaries – Players will have a Champion for every deck with already around 25 champions in the game. There are also Mercenaries in the PvE component of the game. Mercenaries can replace your champion and are very powerful

Trade Almost Everything – HEX already features a fully functional auction house. You can sell everything except card sleeves. Regardless of whether you want to sell PvE equipment, mercenaries, PvE and PvP cards, booster packs – just go ahead and do it.

No Physical Limitations – HEX can have the craziest mechanics because it is completely digital!

The Threshold System – Threshold is the mechanic used in HEX’s resource system, which links particular cards to the particular types of magic those cards represent. To play a card you must not only have the amount of Resource Points the card costs, you must also have met the card’s Threshold requirement.

AI LIke A Real Player – Advanced, cutting edge AI will challenge players of all skill levels while still being accessible. You can practice against the computer, and it will get better as you do!

Tournaments For Everyone – HEX will feature tournaments and events around the clock available worldwide. All the forms common to TCGs will be in the game. Tournaments already available at any time.