Hologrid: Monster Battle is a next generation Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality action / strategy hybrid by HappyGiant and Tippett Studio. Hologrid: Monster battle is a hybrid board game, collectible card game, and strategy game all in one, in which you create and control holographic creatures who do battle on a chessboard - like surface. If you've ever seen the holographic chess game aboard the Millenium Falcon in the Star Wars films, you have seen not only the inspiration for Hologrid: Monster Battle, but the work of the game's creator, Phil Tippett. Take control of fantastic monsters which appear right before your eyes, and do battle with friends from all over the world!

Hologrid: Monster Battle Key Features

Virtual Monsters - Bring lots of fantastic creatures to life and pit them against one another in brutal VR combat! Can you lead your team of creatures and monsters to victory?

Hybrid Gameplay - Hologrid: Monster Battle combines the strategic deckbuilding and card-playing mechanics of a CCG with the placement mechanics and tactical depth of a boardgame.

Multiplatform - Designed for VR devices like the Oculus Rift as well as PC and mobile devices, you will be able to play anywhere, at any time, with people from all over the world; how deep do you want to go!?