wHonour of Kings, known in the west as Arena of Valor, is an immensely popular mobile fantasy MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) with more than 50 million players worldwide! Published by Tencent, the same publisher behind the world's most popular PC game League of Legends, Honour of Kings delivers the most intense MOBA experience to be found on mobile devices. Experience diverse gameplay, from a freerunning PVE parkour mode to help you master the controls to intense and rewarding multiplayer battles. Come see what makes Honour of Kings so engaging, addictive, and controversial that the Chinese government has limited children's playtime to just 1 or 2 hours per day!

Honour Of Kings Key Features

Intense Matches - The core of any good MOBA is, of course, the battle arena itself. Choose your fighter from a wide array of choices and get into the brawl. The more you fight, the more powerful your character can become!

Addictive Gameplay - The Chinese government has limited playtime for children under 12 to just 1 hour per day, and for children 13 to 17 to 2 hours per day. The game has even been called a drug. Go find out what makes a game so engaging.

Parkour Without Broken Ankles - A freerunning Parkour simulation offers a unique twist on PVE gameplay, and enables you to get to grips with the controls at the same time. Run, leap, and roll without fear of hospital visits!