Horizon Source is a free to play battle royale shooter which blends the gameplay of more traditional battle royale games with class and skill based characters. Heroes in Horizon Source each have a unique specialty, complete with individualized skills and weapons which enables them to focus on a given role. Players simply choose their hero and get into the action, fighting across a large open world against 99 other players. You are dropped onto an island alongside all the other players, and the battle for survival begins! Search nearby buildings for equipment, use cover and strategy to move and maneuver, and do your best to outwit and outfight your opponents.

Horizon Source Key Features

Fight For Your Life - You and 99 other players are dropped onto an abandoned island, and it's everyone for themselves! Search out weapons and gear and fight for your life. Only the last player standing can win!

Scrounge For Gear - From weapons and armor, to medical packs and other items, you need to get the gear. You can even search out airdrops for the best items, and get an edge over your enemies.

Heroes And Skills - Heroes in Horizon Source each have unique traits and skills, allowing players to pick their favorite roles. Play together with friends, build a team of heroes who complement one another, and dominate the battlefield.

Construct Obstacles - Players can build structures and obstacles and change the battlefield dynamic. A prepared defense, in a prepared position, is difficult to assault. Will you try to dislodge entrenched foes, or simply avoid them?