Hunt for Gods is a fast paced shooting battle arena game which blends strategy and TPS mechanics into an esports-oriented game for competitive MMO shooter players. Hunt For Gods is rather like a chess game for teams of 5 players, in which the pawns are your teammates! Three teams compete in a match, and these teams are made up of 1 god and 4 hunters. Players may freely choose their role, Hunter or God, at the start of each match. The God (one of the players) plays a strategic role, and may play with a VR headset if desired. The Hunters (Controlled by the other four players) fight in the arena to defeat the NPC Guardians and collect the game-winning divine pages before the opposing teams can. Strategy, teamwork, and twitch skills are all important!

Hunt For Gods Key Features

MOBA Meets Third-Person Shooter - You must keep your eye on the prize, the Divine Pages defended by the Guardians. Shooter and strategy collide, but beware; once you die, it's game over. There is no respawning in Hunt for Gods.

Fast Paced Matches - The matches end quickly, and combat is fast and decisive. You can choose to play vs. other players or against bots, and have no fear; if you die, you can begin a new match instantly!

Become A God - The God guides the hunters (divided among the other players) from a point of view high above the battlefield. The God can also directly assist the hunters with special skills and by dispatching soldiers. The god can also play in VR!

Hunter And Hunted - The Hunter players choose their character from a wide array of characters with differing skill sets, and then actually get into combat with the players and NPCs. Good twitch skills and team-oriented thinking are essential.

Free To Win - Hunt For Gods is completely Free-to-Play. Anything that affects the gameplay can be unlocked simply by playing, except for the cosmetic items available for purchases.