Hurricane is a third-person multiplayer survival game in a vast, open fantasy world. A mysterious hurricane has bought you to this unknown world, and now you need to survive in its hostile environment. You can cooperate with other survivors, and take solace in the strength only numbers provide. You can engage in tasks such as, exploration, hunting, collecting resources, and crafting items. However, remember, the most dangerous thing in this realm are your fellow survivors. They may work with you - or they may attack you, for wealth, items, or simply for fun. Can you survive in this unusual new world?

Hurricane Key Features

Open World - Where you go and what you do is up to you. This world is large, and it is unknown. Will you strike off to explore its secrets, or will you work on building a settlement and stay close to home?

Crafting - You are alone with your wits, and what the world can provide. You must seek out and collect resources, and use them to craft the tools you need to survive.

Multiplayer - Designed with multiplayer play in mind; will you team up with others, or strike out alone? Will you work to build friendship and trust, or will you betray it? Or will you become an outlaw, taking what you can, when you can?

Delightful Visuals - The graphics are bright and cheery, with a style reminiscent of voxel-type games. Take care, however; this colorful world is full of dangers to face and challenges to overcome.