Hypatia is a Virtual Reality (VR) fantasy MMORPG set in a magical world of social interaction, creativity, discovery, and exploration. Hypatia is a VR social sandbox, where you are free to do anything you choose to do! Hang around and chat with friends, set off to explore and discover hidden secrets, paint the city, be part of a stage production - it's all up to you! From an art museum where the displays are not what they seem, to an interactive theater where you can become part of the production, to an interactive coloring book town named Paintville, Hypatia allows its pioneering players to experience a social VR experience like never before.

Hypatia Key Features

Immersive VR World - The world is bright and vibrant and anything can happen, from the merely fantastic to the seemingly impossible! Visit the lake, the theater, the museum, and loads of other locations, all stunningly rendered,

Socialize And Create - Work together with friends new and old and put on a Vaudevillian theater show. Sit by the lake with companions and watch fireworks. Work together to create something special, something new, something fantastic!

Loads To See And Do - Visit Cogwheel Garden and solve challenging puzzles. Visit the museum and examine the exhibits to discover their secrets. Take virtual photographs and share them with friends! Hypatia offers hours and hours of VR fun.