Hyper Universe is a Free to Play MOBA from CWAVESOFT and Nexon Korea, with an emphasis on fun, fast-paced side-scrolling action. The game centers around powerful psychics known as Hypers, who are tasked with saving the universe from an impending apocalypse. The characters are drawn from all across creation, from the width and breadth of the Hyper Universe. The game delivers a new spin on the MOBA genre with its emphasis on modern play with a sidescroller feel. A host of new characters await, as well as characters from other established IPs, like the Power Rangers! Can you save all the universes of creation from utter destruction?

Hyper Universe Key Features

Diverse Characters - From superheroes to elves to sentient plants, a huge array of wonderful characters await. Each one has a unique story, and brings unique skills and challenges to a fight. Who will your favorite be?

Side Scrolling Action - Side Scrolling gameplay remains popular for one reason; it just works. The graphics and animation are beautifully rendered in a style which blends Western and Eastern art styles.

Team-Based Fun For Everyone - Choose your character and dive into 4v4 team-based strategic combat. Work together to overcome minions, monsters, and defense towers, and conquer the enemy team’s base to claim victory!