Icons: Combat Arena is a multiplayer platform fighter that features character customization, tight controls, diverse gameplay modes, and much more. The game features a diverse bunch of characters from all corners of the game's world who have come together for one reason; to fight! Some fight for wealth, others for glory, and others for the thrill of battle itself. Regardless, all of them want to win! Select the character of your choice and get into the action! Icons: Combat Arena is built from the ground up with balanced competition in mind. There are no power ups, no cash shop "Pay to Win" mechanics, just straight up skill-based combat!

NOTE: Icons: Combat Arena is currently only available for download in North America.

Icons: Combat Arena Key Features

Multiple Modes - From local multiplayer fun to online matchmaking to custom game modes, finding a match is always quick and easy. Fight in 2 vs 2 matches, go all in with a load of others in Free for Fall, and more.

Diverse Roster - Icons: Combat Arena features seven different characters at launch, and more are on the way. Each one offers unique skills and strategies, from tough bruisers to quick and agile strikers.

Customize Your Experience - You can customize your character's appearance with numerous cosmetic upgrades, You can customize your controls, and use the controller of your choice. You can make your game experience your own.