Identity is a modern day open world MMORPG, developed by Asylum Entertainment for PC and Mac. This is a true sandbox game; players take the role of a person in society, but what you do within this society is entirely up to you. Players may be normal, everyday law-abiding citizens, they may play police officers... or criminals. There are no levels or skill grinds in Identity; thanks to a unique perk and talent progression system, your character develops as you play them, giving the player complete control over their character's advancement! The entire game has been designed with free form fun, freedom, and true open world, open ended gameplay as the focus. You choose who you want to be, and then you become that person by being that person!

Identity Game Features

Player Driven Sandbox - An enormous and truly open persistent MMO world, with the players in control of almost every aspect. In Identity, players shape themselves - and the world - by simply doing what they want

Versatile Career Paths - Players can pick any of dozens of jobs and careers to pursue, with careers impacting one another. Police? Gangs? Cartels? All here!

True Free To Play - Identity is a true Free to Play MMORPG, with no subscription fees, no hidden costs, and no pay to win.

Games Within Games - From karaoke to paintball, players have a huge variety of things to do inside the world; if you want to play paintball, you go play paintball.