I'm Not A Monster is a turn-based tactical roleplaying MMO with randomly assigned human or monster roles, paranoia inducing play, and plenty of 50s B sci-fi movie influence! A bunch of tourists must work together to save themselves and other passengers when their spaceship comes under attack by aliens, and you are one of them; or are you? For you see, these aliens can assume human form, and the first task facing players is figuring out who among you are the aliens. A team of up to six players is formed, and no more than two of you will be aliens at any time, but discovering who is who is paramount. Can you stop the aliens and rescue the other passengers? Or will you fall beneath the alien's infectious attacks, and become one of them?

I'm Not A Monster Key Features

Save The Day - If you are assigned the role of a tourist, you'll want to work with your fellow tourists and find a way to identify the alien(s) and survive. Form a plan, keep calm, and kill as many monsters as you can find!

Destroy All Humans - If you are the monster, you will know who your fellow monster is (if there is one) and will want to work against the humans, infecting them at every opportunity. If you're found out, it is certain death, so strike only when the time is right!

Turn Based Gameplay - Each turn for both players and monsters consists of two phases. There is the planning phase, where actions and tactics are planned. Then, during the action phase, those tactics and maneuvers are executed.