Immortal Conquest: Europe is a mobile MMO strategy and empire-building game set in a mythological fantasy world. Players earn and collect a variety of immortal hero "Gairo" cards, each with distinct characteristics and skills, and use them in different combinations to achieve objectives and occupy land as they seek to forge an empire to dominate the single, shared, two-million-parcel game map. It falls to you to hold some of that map for your people.

Since ancient times, 13 civilizations have ruled the Earth, each worshiping their own gods. In return, the immortal gods granted their blessings to the people and gave them power and prosperity. Faithful nations divided the land according to the gods they worshiped, and built great walls and gateways between them. But when the tides turned, good-will between nations gave way to hatred and greed. Our once peaceful land erupted in war! Now, warlords use the power of the immortals in pursuit of conquest. The eternal battle has begun, and countless immortals have been dragged into the chaos!

Immortal Conquest: Europe Key Features

Fight For Territory - Fight against other players for control of land. Will you seize theirs, or will they take yours?

Start An Alliance - Forge an alliance with others and face dangerous adversaries together. The best war is the one you need not fight.

Build Your Empire - From humble beginnings, grow your holdings and your people's prosperity. Can you lead them to greatness?

Conquer The World - There are no limits to what you can take, save your ability to take it! The world lies before you; will you claim it?