Imperia Online is a free-to-play multi-platform medieval strategy game bringing players back into a world that predates gunpowder. It is a world of razor sharp blades, oaken longbows, and armoured warhorses. The game features political intrigue, huge medieval field battles, fortress sieges complete with catapults and trebuchets, and knights bold enough to dominate an entire battlefield.

Players must fight these battles and grow in strength by crushing wealthy nobles to economically advance their kingdoms. Be warned though, no warlord can achieve world domination and legendary status without the help of some friends. Be ready to forge powerful alliances and seize power once and for all.

Imperia Online Key Features

Found A Village, Raise An Empire - Start with a tiny hamlet and grow it to a thriving, powerful empire. Lead your people from humble beginnings to the pinnacle of prosperity.

Train Your Soldiers, Raise An Army - Muster an array of different unit types and shape them into a mighty fighting force. Under your leadership, your armies will step forward unto everlasting victory.

Tactical Battles - Imperia Online features two types of battle: "field battle" and "fortress siege". Each battle type requires different tactics which, when employed by a savvy commander, will be able to vanquish foes even when the odds look grim.

United You Stand - A key aspect of the game is joining an alliance and contributing to your team's efforts. The ultimate goal of each alliance is to achieve and retain dominance through economics, diplomacy and war.

Play When and Where You Want - Imperia Online is a fully synchronised cross-platform game with player accounts accessible from any device. Your military HQ could be your bedroom, your train to work or even your office (we promise not to tell your boss).