Imperium: Galactic War is a free-to-play science-fiction strategy game of galactic warfare, empire building, and untold glory. In the Maelstrom galaxy, three mighty factions struggle for supremacy of a battle-torn universe. Some fight for peace, others for glory and conquest, and others still seek only profit, power and chaos. But they will all come to realize that the all-powerful forces of the Imperium Galactic War wait on their borders, ready to reclaim what is theirs. The battle lines have been drawn. Will your faction prevail or fall victim to the Imperium?

Imperium: Galactic War is a spacefaring MMORTS set in a persistent sandbox universe on a single server, allowing all players to exist in the same game. Join one of three warring factions and carve out your own path in an immersive RPG experience with fully-voiced lines of dialogue and narration, or charge headlong into huge PvP battles and galactic sieges in real-time.

Expand your influence through diplomacy and force, assume command of interstellar fleets and seize control of territories throughout the universe as you strive for supremacy for you and your faction. Imperium: Galactic War is a free-to-play RTS playable from your browser, with the ability to host PvP battles featuring tens of thousands of players at once - so build your base and your fleet and prepare for a sci-fi wargame of epic proportions.

Key Features

Choose Your Faction

Whether it’s the peace-seeking Intergalactic Alliance, warlike Tyrannar Empire or shrewd but chaotic Sovereignty, each faction harbours its own ideals and styles. It’s up to you to decide which banner you choose to fly. Take part in a narrative-driven RPG experience complete with fully voice-acted dialogue and narration to build on your power and reputation.

Defend Your Base

Establish your starbase and fend off would-be conquerors by bolstering your defences and building your fleet of ships through earning experience. Then keep your borders well-defended as you scour the map for enemies to ransack and take their resources for yourself.

Team-up and Watch-out for Traitors

Forge your own alliances with fellow players, and prepare for espionage as players are free to deceive and double-cross in this open and persistent universe at war. Play your cards close to your chest, infiltrate enemy ranks, and deliver game-changing intel to your own team.

Gigantic PvP Battles

10k vs.10k players? Not a problem. Ensure that you don’t face your opponents alone by forging strong alliances with fellow players, and use those alliances to rain fire on your foes in epic skirmishes that will require your wits as much as your level of firepower.