Impulse of War is a fun, fast-paced, and action-packed indie shooter MMO where you build and fight in all sorts of wild combat vehicles. Build a base to operate from, and set off to conquer everything you can. Players can build a wide array of vehicles and customize them with loads of weapons and options. Compete in a huge variety of different game modes, and show off your customized battle buggies - or tanks - or spaceships! You can even engage in fast and furious races! Whatever you do, you'd better be quick - Impulse of War demands timing and precision.

Impulse Of War Key Features

Build A Base - Your base is critical; it generates the income you need to keep fighting, and serves as a launching point for your missions. Build it with care, and guard it well.

Choose Your Ride - Drive buggies, tanks, hovercraft, spaceships, and more! More types are always in development, from mega robots to all terrain vehicles.

Customize - Choose and upgrade your weapons, armor, protection systems, and more. Even the sounds of horns, engines, and more will be customizable eventually!

Loads Of Modes - The modes available range from simply building your base to capturing the flag, deathmatch, racing, and more. New modes and tournaments are coming soon!