Infantry Online is a MMO isometric shooter that pits players against hundreds of other players in real-time, fast paced tactical combat. It is the world's first and only MMO isometric shooter! Positioning and aiming is everything in Infantry Online, as your bullets can ricochet off of walls and surfaces to strike enemies around corners and behind cover. Thanks to real time physics and a "Fog of War" mechanic, you can ambush your enemies from the shadows, taking them down before they can respond! Beware, of course; your enemies are free to use all of these tactics and techniques against you! With Newtonian-based physics, diverse game modes, and fast paced fun, this is a game fans of isometric shooters won't want to miss.

Infantry Online Key Features

MMO Shooter Insanity - Play to survive in this massively multiplayer shooter. With hundreds of players fighting at once, you need to be lucky and good! Do well enough and you might even climb through the rankings and enter competitive events!

Bounce Your Shots - Your bullets can ricochet off of walls, bouncing around like billiard balls. Use this to your advantage to shoot at enemies behind cover or around corners. Watch out; the enemy's shots will bounce too!

Loads Of Modes - A vast array of game modes awaits! Fight waves of the undead in Zombie Zone, take to the stars in the spaceship based Fleet Zone, and fight it out in classics like Skirmish, Capture the Flag, and Frontline zones!