Infinite Tanks is a military simulator and tank-based shooter featuring breathtaking tank-on-tank combat driven by a unique card-driven tank customization system and a wide breadth of custom game modes. Infinite Tanks is a buy to play title from developer Atypical Games for iOS, Mac OS, and Apple TV (tvOS), and offers all the tank on tank action you could ever want. From the neverending lines of modern combat vehicles, to the huge environments with realistic weather, to the myriad online multiplayer modes and countless single player missions and drills, Infinite Tanks lives up to its name. Get in, button up, and prepare for battle!

Infinite Tanks Key Features

Limitless Customization - Players can mix and match individual tank parts to design their vehicle from the inside out, with cards for everything from engines and bodies to turrets, mines and rocket launchers. The result is a vehicle for every imaginable playstyle, be it a quick, sleek assault vehicle or a powerhouse bruiser.

Visually Stunning Environments - Alone or with friends, players’ tanks will trundle across arid, sun-bleached deserts and lush, verdant forest, across rushing rivers and through towering cities. All in-game settings also feature hyper-realistic dynamic weather patterns (down to the sun crossing the sky as time passes) rendered in crystal clarity.

Single And Multiplayer Modes - Players can organize themselves into brigades and take up arms with their comrades in dynamic platoons to skirmish on a colossal scale. Lone warriors who prefer to go it alone can enjoy these modes offline, or play through the sweeping single player campaign for a more cohesive combat experience.