Insane Robots is a sci-fi action brawler and tactical card game hybrid with fun one on one duels and an extensive single player campaign. You have a 22 card token deck at your disposal, and you must use your deck to deploy hacks, glitches, and other effects during the heat of battle if you hope to win. You have a wide array of robots to choose from; more that 40 different battle androids await, and each one offers some unique skills and traits. Developing a strategy that suits your choice of robot and then using your token deck well and following through is key to consistent victory in Insane Robots! Whether you like single player, casual or ranked PvP, or simply battling it out with robots, Insane Robots is worth a look.

Insane Robots Key Features

Choose Your Robot - 46 different robots await, and each one has its own unique traits and skills. Choose a robot that suits your style and get into the game.

Master Your Deck - In addition to using your robot, a 22 card token deck is the other core component of gameplay. A well timed glitch can be the difference between a loss and a win.

Single Player Campaign - Overthrow a malevolent robotic despot in an epic single player campaign. More than 15 hours of gameplay and storyline await.

Survival Modes - You can lead a robotic rebellion in fun survival modes, and engage in some fun and mindless robot destruction.

PvP Play - Fight in intense 1 vs 1 matches and climb the leaderboards. PvP is decided by timing and tactics, so be certain to bring your A game.