Insidia is a unique blend of turn-based strategy game and MOBA where two players, each commanding a team of four heroes, meet on the field of battle. With gameplay rather like a hybrid of XCOM and League of Legends, players will experience a unique combat system based on simultaneous, fast turns and flexible combos. Insidia takes place in a weird and wonderful world of steam-powered knights, unusual mutants, fearsome punks, and many other types of characters. Do you have the strategic and tactical skills necessary to defeat all challengers? Build your team and explore this world for yourself!

Insidia Key Features

Build Your Team - Assemble a team of characters from all sorts of backgrounds, and with all sorts of abilities. Will you try to have your team mitigate all weaknesses, or focus on a single tactic?

Simultaneous Turns - When playing Insidia, it’s always your turn! Issue your orders in a handful of seconds, then watch your strategy unfold.

Objective-Based Matches - Insidia is not a simple deathmatch. Seize critical locations to control the battlefield and then lay waste to your opponent’s base.

Fast Paced Play - Matches are quick and decisive, and take less than 15 minutes. Learn to use your heroes' abilities to best effect and create powerful combos to win.