Instant War is a free to play MMORTS for iOS devices which blends the social dimensions of mobile MMORTS games with the tactical and technical depth of PC strategy games. In Instant War, everything happens on a single shared world map. Whether you're expanding your territory, amassing your forces, or simply waiting for the right moment, you must consider the actions and reactions of other players. The world is rendered in realistic 3D, allowing you to use the terrain to your advantage during battles and troop movements. Once battle is joined, you can zoom right in for a tactical view, or consider the entire field from afar, and lead your forces to victory.

Instant War Key Features

Realistic 3D World - The world dictates your movements and tactics, and can also be used to advantage. Use positions of cover to protect your troops and launch assaults.

Build Your Army - From structures to supply lines, from powerful main battle tanks to lowly privates, you must manage and direct all your forces and resources.

PvE And PvP Challenges - You can enjoy progressive solo PvE missions, and learn the game and its workings. Then get into the PvP scene, and master the art of war!

Join An Alliance - Join or form a powerful player alliance and use your combined might to destroy the most challenging foes.