Interloper is a real-time strategy game with matches that only take 5 minutes. The result is an intense, fast-paced, micro-focused experience with surprising strategic depth. The world of Interloper is divided in 3 war-hungry tribes that battle for control of a newly discovered world. You fight by claiming domain for your tribe of allegiance in maze-like battlegrounds designed with spatial tactics in mind. The units and structures at your disposal were created to deliver ample opportunity for spatial reasoning and strategic advantage, allowing players to grow indefinitely.

The game pits you against competitive online players or a clever AI of varying difficulty. Furthermore the game houses an extensive campaign and a collection of challenge levels to boost your skills and explore the full depth of Interloper. The goal of Interloper is to cover the level with your domain. Domain has two important roles. It provides the energy your units thrive on, and it connects claimed structures allowing you to produce more and better units. Expanding your domain is done by moving around your main unit, the powerful Sentinel.

Connect Assemblers with Power Sources to produce Drones. Use these Drones to block the enemy and protect your domain, or sacrifice them in an explosive attack to break through your opponent's defense. Drones double as a resource to create powerful specialists, like the sturdy Husk and the fearsome Destroyer.

Interloper Key Features

PVE And PVP Gameplay Modes - Compete against the AI or against other players. Either way, be prepared for a challenge.

Short Matches, Fast Action - Take part in intense strategy matches which are decided in as little as 5 minutes.

Push The Envelope - Expand your domain and command various units to gain the advantage. To the winner go the spoils. To the loser goes... nothing.

Rewarding Campaign Mode - Play the extensive single-player campaign and enjoy the various challenge modes to boost your skills!