Ion is an upcoming emergent narrative massively-multiplayer online sci-fi game from the creator of DayZ Dean Hall in which players build, live and inevitably die in huge floating galactic constructions. Ion is a very immersive, environmental game that follows humanity’s first deadly steps towards colonizing the universe. Step into a massive interconnected universe with fully simulated real-time environments, including air pressure, heat and cold, power grids and much more, which all must be carefully balanced to keep the unending vacuum of space at bay. Can you survive in this, the harshest of environments?

Ion Key Features

Build Your Own Station - Build a massive station at the very edge of known space. You must be prepared to manage all aspects of your construction, from power grids and levels to temperatures and pressures. Can you do it?

As Immersive As It Gets - With fully simulated environments, a massive persistent galaxy and even functioning human organs, you must be prepared to work for your survival on the edge of man-made space.