Iron Blade is a mobile action RPG set in a fantastic version of Medieval Europe ravaged by war and discord, a land of monsters foul and heroes bold. Players step into the role of a monster hunter, tasked with saving the world from the ever encroaching darkness. No pressure; failure merely means spending eternity in the depths of Hell. With an easy to learn combat system, console quality graphics, and more combat than you can shake a spear at, Iron Blade delivers nonstop excitement. Prophecy speaks of a blade-wielding hero who will save mankind from the darkness; are you that hero?

Iron Blade Key Features

An Epic Adventure - From vampire infested dungeons in the mountains of Transylvania to demon knights in Notre Dame, you will travel across Europe and destroy monsters aplenty. Unravel the mystery, meet fascinating characters, and save the world from darkness.

With Sword In Hand - Crawl through deep dungeons and execute chains of powerful attacks with ease thanks to simple to use controls. You command an array of special attacks and defenses; use them to send your monstrous foes to their final reward!

Compete With Others - Iron Blade also contains a bit of a strategy element in that you can construct your own Medieval kingdom, fortify it, and wage wars against other players. Lay siege to other players' castles, crush their defenders, and plunder their riches for yourself!