Action Star Dolph Lundgren in World of Tanks Ad

You know him from Rocky IV, Masters of the Universe, Universal Solider, The Expendables, and a ton of other action movies from the 80s onwards, now you can see Dolph Lundgren in the newest World of Tanks ad, where he stars as himself looking for something to do with all his spare time. As you might expect things don't quite go according to plan. He isn’t the first celebrity to be in a World of Tanks ad either. Less than 6 months ago they featured a series of videos starring none other than Steven Seagal which were a massive hit and served as a bit of a reminder that Steven Seagal is still making movies despite the lack of blockbuster releases.

We won't ruin the ad for you by explaining it in any detail instead grab a drink and sit back to enjoy this entertaining ad.

Check out the trailer here:

Our Thoughts

If Wargaming wants to keep throwing old action stars in their ads I have a list of favorites I’d be happy to send their way. That being said, my favorite videos of theirs are still the bad advice videos for World of Warships which are entertaining shorts even if you don’t play the game.

Your Thoughts

What do you think of Wargaming recruiting stars for their ads? Let us know if you see it on TV or even in a movie theater, we would love to know where it's been shown! Is there anyone you think should be in the next Wargaming ad? Chuck Norris seems to be a pretty popular choice at the moment. Also, what’s your favorite Dolph Lundgren movie? If you don't say Masters of the Universe then you are just wrong, sorry. Lets us know your answers to all these questions in the comments below.