Iron Harvest is an old-school real-time strategy game for PC and console, set in the alternate reality of 1920+ in a world inspired by the work of famed artist Jakub Rozalski. In the aftermath of the Great War, farmers all across Europe found huge amounts of unexploded ordnance, barbed wire, wreckage, and other remnants of the fighting; they came to refer to these findings as the "Iron Harvest". The world - and warfare - have changed significantly, with three great powers emerging in the aftermath of the war. These three powers continue to fight, and you are going to answer the call of one of them! Iron Harvest offers old school strategy play for the most discerning RTS fans!

Iron Harvest Key Features

Three Great Powers - Take up the call of the Polonia Republic, Rusviet, or the Saxony Empire, and fight for your homeland. Each nation fights for very different reasons, and with very different resources and tactics.

Three Mighty Heroes - Play as Anna, the folk hero of Polonia, Gunter von Duisburg, legendary commander and hero of World War I, or Olga, Rusviet spy and Tsarist confidant. Each has a different story to tell.

Great Single Player Campaign - Iron Harvest features a mature story, told from the perspective of the three different factions. In each campaign you play one of the three main heroes.

Tactics And Strategy - In a strategy game, tactics and planning should be more important than action and clicks per second. Players can use a wide variety of approaches to winning, from stealth to assault.

Bases And Units - Manage your resources, build a base, and recruit your units. From infantry to huge walking war mechs, a wide array of troops await your orders. Each nation offers unique units, unique tactics, and more.

Competitive And Co-op - Play the entire single player campaign with a friend, with each of you managing different aspects of your nation. Or, fight against other players online, climb the ranks, and win the glory!