Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast is a free to play mobile strategy and turn based RPG that lets you take control of Eddie, Iron Maiden's iconic otherworldly superstar! Fight battles somewhere in time inspired by Iron Maiden's music and artwork, facing off against legions of unrelenting enemies. Choose from five different iconic classes for Eddie and set off for the ultimate heavy metal adventure! Collect and power up incredible champions and defeated foes and build the ultimate team of fighters. Then, fight across multiple worlds, defeat gigantic bosses, rebuild Eddie's soul, and save the universe! You can even battle against other metalheads from around the world in the PvP arena!

Iron Maiden: Legacy Of The Beast Key Features

Eddie Across The Ages - Choose from five different classes for Eddie, each with unique skills, skins, and powers. Choose the Gunner class, and take control of cyborg Eddie, and blast your foes with lasers. Or perhaps the Magus Class, and Eddie's immense soul slicing scythe, is more your style?

Epic Soundtrack - Play and explore your way through the multiverse while rocking out to music from across Iron Maiden's career, from 1983's Piece of Mind to 2015's Book of Souls. This is one mobile game you won't mute!

Grow Your Team - As you play through the game, you'll unlock new versions of Eddie, with new and fantastic powers. In addition, you can bolster your roster with defeated enemies, who can be turned to fight for your cause.

Strange New Worlds - Explore the furthest reaches of a sprawling universe, from the depths of underworld to ancient Egypt, past battlefields, an enchanted forest and beyond, all set in stunning 3D environments.

Strategic Gameplay - Upgrade and evolve your team, further expanding your strategic options and allowing you to overcome tougher enemies. In addition, find and equip more than 40 different Talisman sets, which unlock even more abilities for your team.

In The Arena - Eddie will never back down from a fight, and neither should you. Pepare for Eddie Vs Eddie in the ultimate face-off! Put your strongest teams to the test against other players and fight for death or glory as you duke it out to gain valuable prizes and items.