What if World War 1 never ended? Iron Order 1919 is a unique longterm military RTS game which explores that very question. Featuring imagined and historical units, the PC and mobile title from Bytro Labs pits great numbers of players against one another in tactical warfare that lasts a whole week.

Taking the role of provincial leaders and generals, players must take over the majority of the map to earn ultimate victory. Economic, technological, diplomatic and military strategies converge for complex decision-making: Should you prioritise short-term might or hunker down and improve your tech? Should you trust your allies or prepare yourself for betrayal?

Featuring technology and aesthetics from the beloved Steampunk, Teslapunk, and Dieselpunk genres, Iron Order 1919 has an aesthetic as unique as its gameplay. Receptive to player feedback, Bytro Labs keeps the game evolving through regular updates to lore, units, and gameplay.