Iron Sight is an ambitious first-person shooter which promises to usher in a new era of dramatic shooters with realistic and intense gameplay. The story of Iron Sight centers on conflicts over natural resources that are being fought between armed forces and private military corporations (PMCs) in the year 2025. Fight across dynamic locations all across the world, in all sorts of environments and weather. Get into the fight with over 100 different types of weapons. Use cutting-edge equipment, from high tech weaponry to automated combat drones. Use teamwork, tactics, and individual skills to take the fight to your enemy, and be part of the genesis of the next era in FPS gameplay!

Iron Sight Key Features

Cutting Edge Technology - Equip yourself with more than 100 different primary and secondary weapons, and then customize them with decals and parts. Use advanced combat drones to fulfill a variety of tactical roles, from fire support to reconnaissance. The future of warfare is bright - and deadly.

Dynamic Gameplay - In addition to walking, running, and jumping, players can ride transportation, blow up landmarks, remotely trigger devices... and more! Gameplay in Iron Sight is designed to provide the most immersive FPS experience to date. Teamwork, positioning, tactics, and individual skill will all play a part in deciding who wins, and who dies.

Choose Your Side - North America and Western Europe have become one powerful nation known as NAF, the North Atlantic Federation. Opposing their interests in the Middle East, however, are a powerful mega corporation known as EDEN, the Energy Development Enterprise Network, who hire PMCs to protect their interests and claim resources. Which side will you choose?