Iron Throne is a free to play mobile game which blends strategy and RPG elements and challenges players to become king of the realm. Traditional strategy game mechanics await players in Iron Throne; you will build castles, amass armies, manage resources, and fight in epic battles. However, RPG elements add an extra layer of immersion, with a town mode where you can interact with others, take on quests, and progress through stories with all manner of plot twists and developments. Add in the fun of Team Deathmatch and Battle Royale modes that can be played without losing troops or resources, and you've got a game with lots to do and broad appeal.

Iron Throne Key Features

Become The King - Build an army and a fortress, and then set out to capture the iron throne. You must build strong allegiances, win many battles, and ultimately win the Capital War to do so; are you up to it?

Learn The Story - Iron Throne contains an RPG mode which allows you to explore the town, interacting with characters, taking on RPG-like quests, and learning the plot and storyline of the game.

Win The Glory - PvP is where the true rulers are separated from the hangers-on. From fun battles where you do not risk troops or resources, to the battles which can cost you - or win you - everything, there is no shortage of PvP.