Ironbound is a free to play turn-based fantasy strategy game for Steam and mobile which contains some CCG elements, but it is not actually a CCG. You choose a character who comes with a predefined "deck" of abilities and items, and then you enter into fast paced battles against human or AI opponents. Each hero in Ironbound has a unique deck of items and abilities, but these abilities and items are fixed; you win through timing and planning, not by building a deck of uber rares and broken cards. You can upgrade your hero's weapons and trinkets, however, and you earn gold every match to use to do so. If you like fast paced yet turn based games where skill matters, give Ironbound a try.

Ironbound Key Features

Choose Your Hero - An array of heroes await, from the aggressive Berserker to the mystical and mysterious Witch. Each hero has unique spells and abilities, with their own playstyle and strategic flavor.

Get The Gear - Your hero's abilities are fixed, but the gear you provide them with is not! Use your winnings to deck your hero out with new weapons, shields, and magical items which enhance their abilities.

Climb The Ladder - Devise a strategy and item set by using your hero's abilities and a set of items chosen from the hundreds that are available, and start climbing your way to the top of the PvP rankings!

Enter The Arena - The Arena is a separate game mode where players fight using one of 12 predefined item sets, ensuring an even playing field regardless of the performance or time spent in ladder games.