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Ironsight Ironsight Ironsight Ironsight Ironsight


Ironsight is a free to play 1st person shooter which places you in the footsteps of a warrior fighting for control of the last natural resources on Earth. It is the year 2025, and two powerful rival factions jockey for ultimate control. You can take up the mantle of the North Atlantic Forces (NAF), or you can fight for the Energy Development Enterprise Network (EDEN). More than 10 different maps with destructible environments, multiple game modes, and options for co-op or competitive play ensure that Ironsight offers gameplay for everyone. The future of the Earth hangs in the balance; if ever a battle was worth fighting, this is it!

Ironsight Key Features

Diverse Gameplay Modes – From classics like Deathmatch and Secure Point to new modes like Search And Destroy and Resource Takeover, Ironsight offers lots to do.

Coop Play Modes – In the co-op mode, players can choose between the two modes; Mission: EMP and AI Team Deathmatch. Test and improve your skills against the game’s clever AI!

Hundreds Of Weapons – Use hundreds of different weapons, skins, and attachments, and create the loadout of your dreams. Whatever role you like to play, you can design the perfect weapon!

Strategic Drones – Take advantage of a large selection of observation and tactical drones, and use them to control the battlefield.

Lots Of Maps To Explore – Fight across ten realistic and fierce battlefields & environments with dynamic in-game interaction. Use the terrain to your advantage!



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