Islet Online is a buy to play sandbox-style fantasy MMORPG in which players must dig and place bricks to build all manner of things. In Islet Online, the player will find themselves on a small primitive island - hence the name of the game - and they must harvest resources and build everything they need, from tools to structures. With every action, your character gains experience, and the more experienced you become, the more you can do! Islet Online truly allows you to create and shape your own little world however you see fit; be warned, though, that some actions will have consequences. Step into Islet Online and create your perfect world!

Islet Online Key Features

Living World - Islet Online features a living world with a functioning ecosystem; rabbits eat the grass, and in turn, wolves eat the rabbits. If you throw off this delicate balance too much, it can be disastrous for the environment!

AI For All - Animals and NPCs have desires and needs, and live a finite lifetime. They will seek to reproduce, be happy,and prosper. When they feel in danger, they will flee; when they're hungry, they will eat.

Crafting System - Players can craft all sorts of things, from materials gathered from various sources all throughout the world! Don't be afraid to experiment; combining things might just unlock secret recipes!

Advancement - Every action you do earns you experience, which goes toward the mastery of that skill; spend enough time mining and you'll master mining. Spend enough time jumping, and you'll be able to jump multiple times in midair!