Istaria, also known as Istaria: Chronicles of the Gifted, is a subscription based high fantasy MMORPG with an emphasis on building and crafting, heroic combat, and community. Battles are won through the might of a handcrafted sword and the power of magical spells. Fantastic creatures, from the horrors of the risen dead to the majesty of the ancient dragons, prowl the land. Heroes arise to protect civilization from marauding beasts, journey to distant lands, create wondrous objects, and complete epic quests. Are you are looking for a game where community matters? A game where you build your own town from hundreds of buildings? Perhaps a game where exploration leads to high adventure? Look no farther; Istaria is the game you've been searching for!

Istaria Key Features

Community - Design your own piece of the world and share it with your friends. From cities build from more than 100 different kinds of structures to massive dungeons with multiple levels, you and your fellow players are in control. The more closely you work with your guild, the more amazing the deeds you can accomplish.

Crafting - Istaria has a deep crafting system which rewards the dedicated. Extract exotic ores from the deepest forgotten mines. Forge those ores into precious and rare metals. Use those metals to create weapons and items fit for the mightiest heroes! Inscribe your personal mark, apply techniques to cause the greatest damage, and more.

Characters - There are 11 races that you can play. Are you ready to create your dragon, fiend, saris, or dwarf? School and skill based progression allows you continue to expand your character, shifting from being a Warrior to a Mage and then an Alchemist. Design the exact character you wish to play, and set off for high adventure. There are 28 adventure schools and 20 trade schools a biped race character can choose from!