Jade Dynasty Mobile is the mobile version of the popular fantasy MMORPG Jade Dynasty, where players must discover a path to immortality. Players choose a class from one of four typical fantasy roles - Warrior, Healer, Assassin, or Battlemage - and then set off for adventure and loot. The controls are optimized for mobile devices, and the graphics take advantage of the processing power of modern phones and tablets. In addition to pursuing the main and side quests, players can join clans, engage in PvP, take on tough boss monsters, and so on. If you're a fan of Asian MMORPGs and mobile gaming, Jade Dynasty Mobile might be a good game for you.

Jade Dynasty Mobile Key Features

Character Customization - In addition to choosing your class and gaining levels, you can customize your character with items and cosmetic upgrades. Create a character who is unique and who fits your playstyle.

Massive Battles - Side with one of the in game schools; the Jadeon mages, fearless Lupin warriors, cunning Vim swordsmen, or serene Skysong healers. Prove your school to be the strongest in epic cross-server clan battles.

Clan System - Join a Clan backed up by an advanced clan system and take part in special events, recruit apprentices, or even get married. After all, an MMO is all about playing together.